Reinforcing Healthy Decision Making & Problem Solving Skills Through Adventure



All 7Summits Summer Day Camp activities utilize adventure & experience as tools in the learning process.

We challenge campers with carefully chosen activities, that will help develop the character necessary to make healthy, independent, and self-reliant decisions throughout their camp experience and subsequently, throughout their lives.

Children participate in a variety of carefully chosen activities throughout the week at camp. They also receive multiple opportunities to reflect on the value of these activities. The 7Summits Character Qualities are woven purposefully into all programs and are addressed during morning and afternoon community meetings daily.


I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what a wonderful experience my boys had at Seven Summits this year.  I was a little hesitant to send in my boys together (almost 7 and almost 10) since they tend to bicker and distract each other. 

But what a wonderful surprise it was that they not only attended the camp together, but they were also placed in the same Sherpa group.  All week there was an unparalleled level of cooperation between them, empathy and "team brothers" attitude with the two of them.  They were so positive each day when we picked them up from camp - loving the new experiences such as archery, low ropes tasks and the giant swing.  They were personally challenged in very safe ways with encouragement from their group members, including their brother. 

Finding the childhood joys in the simple activity of creeking and exploring nature - I couldn't ask for a better experience for them together.  I especially want to thank Dan and Rachael for their positivity and guidance throughout the week.  The boys had nothing but great things to say about them as leaders.   

I cannot wait until next summer when the boys can once again experience Seven Summits Day Camp - and I can pick them up happy, muddy, tired, sweaty and absolutely HAPPY KIDS.  Thank you for all of the childhood memories that truly make a difference.  ~Suzanne D. Lucas


All 5-day camps, including Sherpas, Trekkers, and Adventurers, have the opportunity to participate in:

Archery, Kayaking, Hiking & Nature Exploration, Creeking, Climbing Walls, The Everest Tower, Giant’s Ladder, Commitment Bridge, Field & Water Games, the Giant Swing, and Zip Lines.  See below for additional activities specific to each age group.

Additional Activities per age group:

Sherpas (7-9 yr olds): Cooperative Games, Scavenger Hunts, a Climbing Tower, a Zip Line  and the chance to get up close to Snakes, Turtles and other exciting creatures with PT Reptiles.

Trekkers (10-12 yr olds): Cooperative Games, Pamper Pole, Summit Ropes course with Giant Swings, Kilimanjaro Ropes Course with Ziplines, and the 140 ft. Rappel in Hocking Hills (with a safety back-up of course)!

Adventurers (13-15 yr olds): Pamper Pole, Prusik Climbing, High Elements, Obstacle Course, Hiking in Hocking Hills, Summit Ropes course with Giant Swings, and Kilimanjaro Ropes Course with Ziplines.  In addition, Adventurers will be in Hocking Hills for two days; one day of Rock Climbing and a second day for the 140 ft Rappel (with safety back-up)!

Kyoots (15-18 yr olds) is a 4-day camp from 5-9pm. Kyoots’ activities include: Climbing Walls, The Everest Tower, Giant’s Ladder, Commitment Bridge, Pamper Pole, Low Ropes Course, Kayaking, Campfire with S’mores, Summit Ropes course with Giant Swings, and Kilimanjaro Ropes Course with Ziplines.

Adult Camp (21 yr olds+) runs each Wednesday for 4 consecutive weeks. Adult Camp activities include: Climbing Walls, The Everest Tower, Giant’s Ladder, Commitment Bridge, Pamper Pole, Low Ropes Course, Kayaking, Campfire with S’mores, Summit Ropes course with Giant Swings, and Kilimanjaro Ropes Course with Ziplines.

Spring Explorers (7-10 yr olds) combines adventure elements with an educational component. Activities include: The Everest Tower, Zip Line, Giant Swing, Creek Exploration, Animal Identification, Crafts, Wilderness Survival, Orienteering, Trail Logs, Team Building, Low Ropes.  All activities are weather permitting and suitable alternatives are planned.

This is truly an exceptional program geared toward Adventure and Character Development of the next generation. We hope your child experiences these areas of growth in his/her life as a result of attending 7Summits Summer Day Camp of Ohio.

All camps begin and end at our Walnut Bluffs location:
8111 Schott Rd.
Westerville, Ohio


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Our Staff continually nurtures a compassionate, supportive & kind atmosphere throughout the camp experience. This atmosphere encourages the development of friendships among campers.


Campers are encouraged to take turns, plan, share, be open-minded, use good communication skills, take on leadership roles, and solve problems in healthy, non-violent ways throughout the camp experience.


Children are encouraged to persevere, be accountable for decisions, practice self-discipline, consider consequences of individual & team decisions, and commit to being at their best throughout the week.


We provide campers the opportunity to take safe & healthy risks. They are encouraged to explore their own limits & boundaries while at 7Summits Day Camp.


Children learn and practice how to be honest, reliable & loyal while participating in a variety of team-building and high adventure activities.


Children are taught the value of respecting the unique talents, strengths & differences within themselves, others, and the natural world.


We strive to create a sense of community by encouraging cooperation among campers, a sense of responsibility for the environment, and an awareness of the importance of each individual’s role in the larger community.

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As with all Summit Vision programs, 7Summits Summer Day Camp understands that the physical, social, and emotional safety of all campers is the most important component of the camp experience. Campers who feel safe, supported, nurtured, and respected are more willing to take risks, stretch their boundaries, and open their minds to new challenges.

In order to insure a safe experience, all 7Summits Summer Day Camp activities follow specific procedural and safety guidelines that are at or above established industry standards for challenge course programs. Staff members with the appropriate certification and training are present at all times during prescribed camp activities including: Kayaking, Archery, High Ropes & Climbing Tower Programs.

All 7Summits Summer Day Camp staff receives extensive training in order to provide an excellent experience for campers.
They are certified in First Aid & CPR. Well versed in the safety policies designed to prevent accidents & injuries. 7Summits Summer Day
Camp staff not only knows how to facilitate fun activities which are emotionally, socially, and physically safe, but they also know how to help children feel comfortable with themselves, others, and the world around them.

7Summits Summer Day Camp maintains a 1:6 staff to camper ratio at all times. Many activities incorporate other expert staff in addition to our 1:6 ratio. It is our belief that appropriate supervision prevents unnecessary accidents &/or injuries.

Summer Day Camp Columbus Ohio - Founder Trey McBane

Trey McBane

Trey, President of Summit Vision, and 7Summits Day Camp.
Loves to facilitate and participate in all camp activities.

Summer Day Camp

Jason Peck

At 7Summits Day Camp you will find the Director Jason playing, laughing, and spreading joy among campers and staff.

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Karen is the 7Summits Camp Office administrator. If you call during camp hours, she will most likely be the friendly voice on the other end of the line.

To learn more about all of our Staff at Summit Vision go Here.

7Summits Summer Day Camp in Columbus, OH is the best adventure based camp your kids will experience.