7Summits Scholarship Applicants Page

Camp Scholarship Policy Summary

At 7Summits we believe that every child should have a camp experience at least once in their life. Camp can help instill important values and build social skills that will influence a camper throughout their life. We realize that not every family can afford to send their kids to camp. For that reason, we have implemented the 7Summits Camper Scholarship. Our goal is to use this scholarship to give children who may not otherwise be able to attend camp due to financial limitations a 7Summits experience. We will ensure that 100% of the *collected funds will go towards assisting children to attend our program both now and in the future.
*Net collection following fees from third-party .com collection sites such as Gofundme.com, Wepay.com, and Campdoc.com

A. Scholarship Application Process.
If a family would like to send a camper to 7Summits Camp but is unable due to financial limitations, they may apply for a camp scholarship by filling out an application form. Forms can be acquired at the bottom of this page or you can request one be mailed from our offices by calling 614-403-3891. All Scholarship requests must be submitted by completing the 7Summits Scholarship application. A camper is eligible for a 7Summits Scholarship for one camp session per year.

The Scholarship application identifies contact information and gathers data to support the applicants’ request for financial assistance and camper placement. The applicant will supply previous years’ income information and supply information to support the need for scholarship funds. A scholarship application includes a one-page essay written by the camper on the topic “What camp would mean to me” and a letter of reference written by a non-family member such as a teacher, coach, or church leader that will speak to the character of the potential camper.
Upon receiving scholarship funds the applicant must fill out all required camp paperwork.

B. Review Process
All applications will be reviewed following the deadline date posted on the application form. During the application process, references may be contacted. Scholarships will be granted based upon income level, family size, camper letter, and character reference. However, consideration will be given to specific requests that do not meet income level requirements on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Camp Director, Assistant Camp Director, and Company President. All scholarships are subject to the availability of Scholarship funds.

For a printable Scholarship form in PDF format please click here.
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