Push Through!

Alpha Warrior Workout - Phase 1

Our Alpha Warrior Workout has 5 Phases and 65 challenges designed to push you to the limit.

Currently the course record to complete the entire course is 18 min. 50 sec.
Various membership packages available.

Give us a call to set up a time to come out and test yourself.

To see our full site for Alpha Warrior Workout go to:

“Know Your Limits and Then Defy Them”

Alpha Warrior Workout - Phase 2

Alpha Warrior Workout - Phase 3

Alpha Warrior Workout - Phase 4

Alpha Warrior Workout - Phase 5

Columbus Ohio Alpha Warrior Workout
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Over 65 fitness elements at Alpha Warrior Workout
Columbus Ohio Warrior Workout




Columbus Ohio Ropes Course Fitness

Ropes Course Training

We run our Ropes Course Workouts every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 7:00 – 8:00 AM up on one of our 33’ – 55’ high ropes courses. 

Trey McBane has been a personal trainer for 33 years and is also certified in the biomechanics of strength training through the Cooper Institute in Dallas TX.  He is also a certified Triathlete Coach through the Olympic Training Center in Colorado.

The cost is $15 per session, $25 for two session in a week or $80 for a month unlimited. Reservation required. You must be at least 16 years old.

Fitness Training  on the Ropes Course
Private Training and Workouts on High Elements
Ropes Course Training Fun Ohio
Ropes Fitness Training Columbus




Trail Runs at Summit Vision

Trail Running

Want to add some adventure to your running?  Join us for our trail runs.

We have two courses that include trails, hills, ravines and creeks.  One of our courses stays mostly on a trail.  The advanced course simply runs through the woods, up and down ravines, through creeks along with a few other surprises.  A great workout!

We run on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday mornings from 7 – 8 AM  Call to get scheduled. Various membership packages available.  Private runs are also available.  614-403-3891

One of our trails is located at 8111 Schott Rd., Westerville OH 43081.  The other trail is located next to the Little Turtle Golf Club in Little Turtle, Westerville OH.

Columbus Ohio Trail Run
Private Trail Runs and Workout
Summit Vision Fitness Plan - Trails
Wooded Trail Runs Ohio




Outdoor Yoga Columbus Ohio


We are excited to welcome Amy Lybrook and Room To Breathe Yoga

Amy will offer a full compliment of yoga classes.

Regardless of your yoga experience, you will find the class for you.  All of our classes are on our fitness platform, surrounded by our pine forest.  The tranquil, natural setting is ideally suited for yoga and meditation.

To see our full schedule please visit Room to Breathe Outdoor Yoga.  Amy Lybrook is available to answer any questions regrading class schedules and pricing.  Amy can be reached at 614-378-4778.

We are located near Hoover Reservoir at 8111 Schott Rd., Westerville OH 43081.

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Summit Vision Yoga
Outdoor Fitness Programs

Alpha Warrior Workout, Ropes Course Fitness and many other activities to vary your workout routine.